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The vision of nursing scholar society is very simple and straight forward “care to the caregiver” and felicitation of their dedicated hard work by getting them into hall of fame of the society. When vision becomes a reality, the professional satisfaction, pleasure is immense and beyond description.


“The mission of Nursing Scholar Society is to encourage and recognize the scholarly skills of the nurses in writing, speech, leadership or in community services. Promote professional nursing activities and help Nurses to lead a quality life."

Patron message

Its my honor and privilege to write about Nursing Scholar Society (N.S.S). a leading society but with age old mission to carry out an added important objective. Since its inception the highly motivated executive steering committee team and especially our first national appointed president Shri BInu Joe an instrumental figure to take this concept idea of mine to put into reality. Being the Patron of other three prestigious Nursing NGO societies. I have witnessed this society getting state registration in record time . mine heartfelt thanks to the president and Dr. Priyesh Bhanwara Vice President for making multiple trips and numerous meetings with the advocate. I am equally proud of all the national executive members who took the responsibility and put the sketched plan into action and the result is there in front of you all. Nursing Scholar Society is for the professionals and our main mission and slogan: “Care to the Caregiver”. The five C’s of professionalism needs to be followed commitment, conscience, competence, compassion and confidence. Nurses are the light (male and female). Lifetime professional recognition and promotion. With Regards Best Wishes

President message

Warm greetings of the day!!

I am very thankful to our Patron Dr. Suweresh Narula Khanna Mam and the whole team of Nursing Scholar Society. I take this opportunity to thank each one of them from the bottom of mine heart. Without you all this would not have been happened. I hope to carry out the responsibility which you all have entrusted upon me to lead the prestigious Nursing Scholar Society. I believe both talents and skills win the games, but teamwork, intelligence wins the championships. In the last two years pandemic we saw much suffering among our own professionals. But still Nursing care is regarded has the best treatment for the COVID-19 care I feels. We all Nurses should feel proud in that our nursing care has become the vital essence of treatment in these tough times. A great salute to you all nurses to keep the professionals standards high. We need to recognize our own professional nurses and need to motivate them. Nursing Scholar Society has taken a huge step to motivate our own professional Nurses. I request you all to be part of the Nursing Scholar Society and be the torchbearer and light the lamp of whole humankind. Together we can and we should help each other. With these few words, I request you all to take active part and do guide us. “Not all of us can do great things , but we can do small things, with great love”

Thank you
Binu Joe


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1. The overall aim of the society is to encourage and recognize the scholarly skills of Professional Nurses in writing and speech or in the community services.
2. The nurses must be license holders starting from ANM to PhD. Nursing and from a variety of Indian Nursing Council Recognized programs.
3. Professional Nurses from all the spheres of nursing profession such as education, clinical practice, administration, research, midwives and from the community services.
4. The nurses from across the globe who are willing to recognize and to promote the professional nursing standards across the globe are welcome to be the part of the society.
5. To get affiliated with national and other international nursing societies.
6. To promote research and other scholarly activities To promote care to the caregivers.
7. To promote any professional activities such as conferences, seminars, health camp and blood donation camp.


The nursing scholar society was established after the seed founder Dr. Suewersh Narulla Khanna with the strong determination laid the foundation for the society formation. The founder President Mr. Binu Joe, and the whole founder members of the society with the unwavering determination and enthusiasm took the responsibility to make this vision a reality. A strong executive committee of founder members was established and the society was registered under as per the Mumbai registration act of 1950 (F-3806).

Thank you
Binu Joe

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